Music I've Made

All music © Michael Roderick 2000-2019. Listen at your own risk.

Asleep Through 1984

A strange flavor of semi-modern jazz. Written and produced (by me) in a mad rush during early 2009. All compositions / arrangements my own. All piano and vocals my own.

Rhythm section: Mitch Bell, guitar; Edwin Canito Garcia, bass; George Toumayan, drums. Featured horns: Brian Gorrell, tenor sax; Tracy Patterson, alto sax; Lee Rucker and Clint Rohr, trumpet; horns on track four provided by faculty and students at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK.

  • 1. Joy Unspeakable
  • 2. Peace (Piano improvisation)
  • 3. Asleep Through 1984
  • 4. Snap (Homage to Joe Zawinul)
  • 5. Self-Control (Piano improvisation)
  • 6. Truth Doesn't Change
  • 7. Kindness (Piano improvisation)
  • 8. Two Perspectives
  • 9. Patience (Piano improvisation)

Open Letters

My oldest "pop" songs, finished circa 2006. Provided for you here, amateur warts and all. All arrangements and vocals my own and all instruments played by myself with the following exceptions: Billy Williams, drums on all tracks except for 5; Omar Llantin, drums on track 5; some backing vocals (the better ones) by Ginger Singleton; Eric Myers, one of the dueling guitars on track 7. Produced by Eric Myers in Atlanta, GA. (Eric is now running Sonic Boost Studio in Raleigh.) Mastered at The Kitchen by Brent Lambert.

This was really experimental; songs have a very wide range of style. If you don't like one, try the next one. ;) This is still available on iTunes and CD Baby if you enjoy this music enough to contribute to the remediation of the costs I incurred in the process of making it.

  • 1. The Few Years That Remain
  • 2. Let the Burden Burn
  • 3. Unspoken Understanding In Between
  • 4. All the Space I Have
  • 5. For Mike
  • 6. What We Were Writing (Breakup Song)
  • 7. For Zhenya
  • 8. Yesterday's Battle
  • 9. Ever Faithful (Hymn)

The Roderick Demos

A one-day, everything-in-one-take, raw, live recording from 2009. There are some weird audio glitches and bleed-over that couldn't be easily fixed (sorry). And the Steinway had a 'clicking' key that you can hear in a few places. All compositions and arrangements are my own; these are some of my friends' favorite songs of mine, featuring my wife Jen's voice making me sound far better than usual, in simple one-instrument-and-vocals form.

Most people who have known me personally over the years tell me that this record is their favorite of mine.

  • 1. If You Love Me
  • 2. Where, Why, and When
  • 3. Romans 8:11-14
  • 4. Romans 5
  • 5. For the Sake of My Name (Isaiah 40-51 or so)
  • 6. The Sower
  • 7. This Is Really Me
  • 8. Green and Grown
  • 9. If
  • 10. Romans 8:28-32
  • 11. Be With Me
  • 12. We Don't Have a Voice

Other Things

Here's a weird jazz track I made once when I got tired of the repeating classical guitar loop in Dwarf Fortress. I think it might have achieved one or two likes in the DF community.

Feel free to download and use it in your game if you enjoy this sort of thing!

  • The Obsidian Mine